Lake Management and Aeration

Water Testing – Water Circulation and Treatment – Fountain Aeration Systems – Desludging and Weed Control – Decorative Fountains and Lights.

Proper aeration design for ponds, lakes and dams, will increase dissolved oxygen levels and can prevent water from stratifying, therefore creating a stable environment for aquatic life.
Aeration will reduce noxious odours and taste, control and manage nutrient levels, prevents water from freezing over and assists in the natural self cleaning process.

Agricultural Irrigation and Automatic Fertilising and Nutrient Dosing – Sports Field and Golf Course Irrigation Systems – Botanical Parks and Garden Irrigation Systems – Water Harvesting and Storage – Water Testing and Treatment – Mining Infrastructure and Effluent Dispersal Systems – Pumping and Filtration Systems - Pipeline Fabrication – Lake Management and Aeration – Drainage, Surface and Sub-Surface – Commercial Facilities, Housing Estates, Local Government Parks and Reserves

About Us

Over 35 years industry experience.

With water conservation being important as never before, Project Irrigation offers water management solutions based on the latest technology, information and design in all locations within Australia. Project Irrigation’s design team can tailor make a system to suit all applications and budgets whilst always being conscious of impact on our environment, water supply and sustainability. Teamed up with the industry’s most reputable suppliers, you can be sure that only quality products are used by our experienced staff.

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